Can Your Pet Overdose from CBD?

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Can Your Pet Overdose from CBD?

If your veterinarian prescribed CBD oil for your pet, it is normal to get worried. We have all heard about the adverse effects of cannabidiols. But very few people talk about the possible benefits of this natural supplement. Currently, pet owners are experimenting with CBD drugs to help reduce cancer and post-surgery symptoms in their animlals. Consequently, CBD medication may help to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety and improvessleep. However, when taken wrongly, it could lead to adverse effects as well. So, can your pet overdose from CBD? And what happens if your pet overdoses from CBD?

Can Your Pet Overdose from CBD?

CBD Dog Overdose Potential

There are low chances of giving your pet an overdose of CBD medication. I mean, most pet owners are careful about how they administer any medication to their pets. Besides, they make sure to consult the veterinarian and manufacturer on the right CBD dosage. But this is life; accidents and mistakes are inevitable. You might forget and give your pet an overdose of CBD medication. Fortunately, studies show minimal adverse effects when you give your pet an overdose from CBD. Unlike other chemical drugs, CBD pet overdose has fewer deadly symptoms. So, don’t stress yourself too much if you just gave your pet an overdose of CBD medication.

Can pet overdose from CBD kill?

In almost all instances pet overdose from CBD will not kill your pet but there is no guarantee. However, if your pet is taking other chemical medication, a CBD overdose can be harmful. CBD drugs can adversely react with other drugs and lead to potentially fatal symptoms. Additionally, if your pet has a condition that slows down its metabolism rate, a pet overdose from CBD can be dangerous. If your pet has such a condition, be very careful; when giving them CBD dosages.

Also, it would be best if you check the ingredients of pet CBD drugs. Remember, some CBD medication incorporates a wide range of ingredients. And some of these ingredients can be harmful to your pets. All in all, if you ever give your pet an overdose from CBD, it would be best to contact your veterinarian right away. Although it may not be necessary, especially if the pet shows no negative symptoms, consult a medical professional. CBD medications with percentages of THC can cause anxiety, dizziness, and lack of appetite when taken in excess.

Different types of CBD and their overdose effects

Currently, there are three main types of pet CBD. They include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Each of these drugs varies in composition and offers different functionality. Generally, full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD contain 0.3% of THC. On the flip side, CBD isolate does not contain any percentages of the psychoactive compound THC. Thus, if you are cautious with your pet’s health, you would rather go for CBD isolate. They rarely have any adverse effects when taken in excessive amounts. But this does not mean that the broad spectrum CBD and the full-spectrum CBD do not work effectively. In fact, they are very effective in relieving pain and managing severe cancer symptoms. The best thing is to consult your veterinarian before you purchase any Pet CBD oil.

Pet overdose from CBD Side Effects

Some of the side effects of pet overdose from CBD include:


When your pet takes an excessive amount of CBD oil, they are likely to become dizzy. The chemical compound responsible for this is tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

Dry mouth:

Pet overdose from CBD can lead to a dry mouth. Once you notice that your pet’s mouth is drier than usual, stop giving them the CBD drugs first. You would rather consult the veterinarian before you continue with the dosage.

Can Your Pet Overdose from CBD?

Anytime you notice these symptoms, do not continue giving CBD oil to the pet. Some of the side effects of pet overdose from CBD include diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, and even low blood pressure. When CBD drugs react with other medications in the pet’s body, the pet may experience fainting or vomiting. Contact a medical professional immediately you notice such symptoms.

What is the exact CBD amount you should give your pet?

Pet owners should follow all the guidelines and instructions when administering pet CBD. If you bought CBD oil from a dispensary or vet clinic, consult your veterinarian on the right dosage. On average, pets show improvements with even as little as 2mg. So, you would rather start with low CBD dosages first. Then observe how the drug reacts with the pet’s health. From there, you will know the best dosage to administer to your pet.

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