CBD For Pets and it’s Uses

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CBD For Pets
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Canis Synergy prides itself on making the best CBD for pets. The Canis Synergy line of CBD oil tinctures are well suited for small dogs and cats all the way up to larger dog breeds. In a variety of different dosages designed to appeal to pet owners looking for high quality pet cbd products.

CBD: For Wellness of Humans and Their Pets

Engineered by years of extensive research, CBD for pets is just the panacea we all have been waiting for, especially for the wellness of our pets. Although pets cannot use CBD produced for humans, there are many products just for pet consumption and flavored just for pets. Like humans, pets have an endocannabinoid system, charged with keeping various functions in balance and at homeostasis. With that in mind, the consumption of CBD for pets works the same way as it does for humans, which is, interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which improves its functionality.

With proper usage instructions, pet parents can easily navigate their way when it comes to dosage and uses. While most prescription drugs administered to pets have similar methods of administration, CBD, on the other hand, comes with a multitude of dosing methods. With the most common being

  • Applying under the tongue of the pet
  • Giving your pet a CBD enhanced pet treat.
  • Add CBD extract to your pet’s current favorite Non-CBD treat.
  • Better still combine the CBD  extract with your pet’s food


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