CBD Medications for Pets with Cancer

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CBD Medications for Pets with Cancer

Like human beings, pets are also vulnerable to getting cancer. Up to now, no one has found a specific cause or treatment for cancer. Therefore, it can be challenging to manage your pet’s health, especially if they have cancer. Fortunately, veterinarian experts have begun to study CBD medications for pets with cancer. CBD drugs are not a cure for cancer; however, researchers are working to determine if they may help manage your pet cancer symptoms. CBD is being studied for it’s ability to manage pain, reduce nausea and anxiety, and alleviate cancer symptoms. Nonetheless, if you plan on experimenting with CBD on your pet, you should know all the facts and have a heart to heart with your vet first.

CBD Medications for Pets with Cancer

What do CBD medications do for pets with cancer?

Pain/ Inflammation

Cancer can bring about unbearable pain, and normal pain killers may not eliminate this pain. If your pet has cancer, your veterinarian may recommend CBD drugs. These drugs are being studied for their ability to alleviate pain and inflammation in your pets. And contrary to popular belief, CBD medications do not get you high or carry a lot of side effects. Typically, they are a hemp-based medication that is specially manufactured with little to no amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Reduces anxiety

Undoubtedly, your pet will be restless when they are not feeling well. You might notice this when your pets are drawing away from crowds or sulking by themselves. Pet owners are looking to CBD oil for help in relaxing their pet and improving their disposition. Consult your veterinarian on whether CBD oil may be effecting at calming your pet.

Reduces nausea

One of the symptoms of cancer is nausea. CBD drugs are being researched for their ability to make your pet feel less nauseous and less sickly. Today, there is a wide range of CBD medications that are available which may be effective at improving your pet’s nausea and preventing vomiting and dehydration.

Is Pet CBD the same as medical marijuana?

Most pet owners are often concerned when giving their pets CBD. We all know that CBD drugs come from Cannabis Sativa. And Cannabis Sativa is a commonly known drug that contains harmful effects when abused. But when manufacturing CBD medication for pets, manufacturers usually eliminate the psychoactive compound THC. As a result, most CBD drugs contain minimal amounts of THC; on average, 0.3%. And some contain no amounts of THC in them. Thus, many pet CBD medications are legal in many areas of the United States.

What is the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer?

Currently, there is a wide range of pet CBD oils available. All of them tout varying benefits but none have been approved by the FDA yet so manufacturers can’t claim it’s effective at treating cancer. With that said, many dog and cat owners with a pet suffering from cancer are looking at CBD oil as an effective form of treatment. Additionally, they either come in liquid or solid forms. Below are the three main classifications of pet CBD oils.

Full-spectrum pet CBD:

Full-spectrum CBD drugs have the highest content of terpenes and cannabinoids. Subsequently, they offer excellent functionality. Full-spectrum CBD is ideal for pets with a good appetite. Nonetheless, like most products, the full-spectrum CBD contains an unpleasant taste. And this can make pets feel nauseous or lose their appetite.

Pet CBD isolate:

The CBD isolate is the safest option. This CBD medication contains 0% of the psychoactive compound THC. Thus, it’s a good choice for pet owners who are very cautious with what their pets consume. Moreover, it has no taste; hence, the perfect option for choosy pets. This type of medication does not make your pet nauseous and retains its appetite.

Broad-spectrum CBD:

The broad-spectrum CBD contains little amounts of THC. However, it does not have the gross taste as the full-spectrum CBD. So, it’s another alternative for most pets. Typically, all CBD medications do not contain the psychoactive compound THC.

CBD Medications for Pets with Cancer

Nevertheless, you need to purchase all Pet CBD Oil from reputable manufacturers to be safe. Also, it is important to monitor how the drugs react with your pet for the first week. If you notice any adverse changes, consult your veterinarian. Furthermore, always check the ingredients of the CBD medication before purchase.

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