CBD Oil For Pets

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CBD For Pets
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CBD for Pets. Giving CBD To Your Dog is Safe!

CBD Oil for Pets

Indisputably, pets are a great addition to your family. But does anyone talk about what comes with dealing with an senior animal with health issues? Well, pet owners don’t talk about it because it is as emotional with dealing with an older family member going through their final years. Think about it though; pets are likely to get sick at some point in time. The thought of this is scary and concerning, but pet owners are looking for ways to improve their pets quality of life. Consequently we have many visitors that are pet owners looking at Pet CBD products and whether they are effective at managing pain. Pet owners want to boost the health of their beloved animals and are considering whether CBD might actually help.

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CBD Oil for Small Dogs, CBD Oil for Smaller Sized Animals, CBD Tinctures for Small Sized Dogs

First, What is Pet CBD oil?

The constituents of CBD oil include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD oils do not contain the psychoactive compound in marijuana. And if they do, it is usually in minimal amounts of less than 1%. Thus, you rest assured that your pets won’t react adversely to the drug.

What Does CBD oil For Pets Do?

Based on recent studies, CBD is being evaluated for it’s abilities to boost the receptors functioning in the central and peripheral nervous systems. As a result, folks are wondering if CBD might help keep their pets calm or help balance the state of mind. Generally, CBD research for pets is still ongoing but is being evaluated for treatment for several health issues in pets like:

Pain Reliever

Studies are being conducted to determine whether CBD oil might be an effective painkiller or useful for serious inflammation in pets. In humans, it is also being researched for it’s ability to relieve pain in cancer patients. 

Seizures, Epilepsy, and Spasms

Researchers are trying to determine whether CBD oil for pets can be used to manage preexisting conditions like seizures and spasms. Pet owners are experimenting with Pet CBD’s to calm down nerves and spasms in their animals.

Anxiety and Nervous Disorders

Unquestionably, pets tend to be restless and fidgety most times. There could be many reasons for explaining this condition. Your pet can get anxious when it is around people. Alternatively, they could break down when left alone. Some pet owners are experimenting with using CBD to manage anxiety disorders in their pet

Nausea and Vomiting

CBD oil for pets contains certain elements that are being studied for their ability to interact with the brain autoreceptors. Researchers are trying to determine whether CBD is effective at prevent vomiting. If your pet constantly experiences nausea or vomit, you may want to consider giving CBD oil a try.

CBD Oil For Pets
CBD Oil For Pets – Thinking of giving CBD Oil to your dog or cat? Consider Canis Synergy CBD Oil For Pets to relieve pain, stress and anxiety.

Does CBD oil for pets have adverse effects?

CBD oil for pets is a product made from a natural plant, hemp. Thus, it is less likely to impose adverse side effects on pets but has not been FDA approved.You cannot compare CBD products with chemically manufactured medications that have been FDA certified. Every dog or cat may react to CBD differently. The best advice is to consult with your animal physician before embarking on CBD as a form of treatment for your animal. They can advise you on the pros and cons and educate you fully on what literature they’ve read as professionals.

Mouth dryness

When your pet consumes CBD oil, they are likely to have a dry mouth. CBD has been shown to interfere with the pet’s salivary glands causing a reduction in the production of saliva. If you have a dog, you’ll notice that they may be unusually thirsty after consuming CBD oil.

A drop in the pet’s blood pressure

CBD oil may effect your pet’s blood pressure. A slight drop in blood pressure is usually not a cause for alarm, however consult with your vet.


In case you administer a slight overdose of CBD oil, your pet is likely to be drowsy. Often, this side effect will end after some hours. However, if you notice prolonged drowsiness, again consult with your vet.

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