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Pet CBD - CBD Oils for Pets / CBD Tinctures for Dogs & Cats

CBD Tinctures

Unlike ever before, the popularity of CBD is continuously on the rise today. Consequently, more people are doing research to determine what health benefits are offered by CBD. Manufacturers now make CBD products in a variety of different forms. Currently, there is a broad spectrum of CBD products like CBD tinctures. There are different products however designed for animal usage and human use. Moreover, there are various misconceptions tied to CBD products. No one should get blamed for this, though because Pet CBD is a fairly new product on the market.

CBD comes from the natural plant hemp that is different than marijuana and doesn’t cause a “high” effect. Before you look at CBD products for your pet, it would be best if you try to find out more about the products. In this article, we focus on one of the most common CBD products, CBD tinctures. Doing this would help you understand CBD a little bit better.

The meaning of CBD tinctures

Manufacturers make CBD tinctures using alcohol and hemp flowers with high percentages of CBD. The two components get mixed and placed over low heat. At times glycerin or vinegar can replace alcohol. But using alcohol produces the best results. Typically, a CBD tincture is primarily used a liquid dietary supplement. The liquid has high amounts of CBD.

You can tell that the combination of CBD hemp flowers and alcohol won’t have a pleasant taste. So, manufacturers usually mix the tincture with a sweet substance to give it a pleasant taste. After the tincture is produced, the percentages of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) should be tiny; in fact, usually not more than 0.3%. Otherwise, the psychoactive substance would react with the consumer’s body. It is also important to note that Pet CBD tinctures are very different from cannabis tinctures. Cannabis tinctures contain the psychoactive component, THC. So, be very careful when shopping for a CBD tincture and do not mistakingly purchase a CBD tincture for your pet that was made for human consumption.

How should I administer a CBD tincture?

As seen earlier, tinctures contain a high content of CBD. Thus, avoid taking them in large doses. When you purchase them from a reliable manufacturer, they will advise you on the best way to take them. Alternatively, you can use a calibrated dropper to measure the amount you have to take. Consuming doses of CBD oil drops won’t cause much harm, but it is not necessary to take large doses. Just administer a few drops. How much to administer all depends on the health needs of your dog or cat.

Fortunately, you can add CBD tincture drops to your pets food or drink. So, you need not worry about the bitter taste. Plus, a CBD tincture’s bitterness is relatively manageable even if you decide to administer it your animal independently. Your pets can also take the CBD tincture directly from the dropper. But if you wish, mix it with their food might make the chore of giving them their CBD less onerous. Based on previous studies, it is always best to take CBD tinctures sublingually. What this means is putting a few drops of the tincture under the tongue. Medical experts say doing this enables the body to absorb CBD much faster.

Benefits of CBD tinctures in pets

Aside from being used by humans, CBD tinctures are also being studied for treating medical conditions in pets. Below are some of the health conditions pet owners look to alleviate using CBD.

Pain reliever

If your pet is suffering from joint or muscle pain, your veterinarian may recommend a CBD tincture. CBD is being studied as for it’s abilities as an effective pain killer. 

Anxiety disorders

Undoubtedly, pets can be unruly sometimes. There could be various reasons that cause a nervous breakdown in pets. In such instances studies are being conducted as to whether administering your dogs or cats a daily dosage of CBD tincture may be an effective treatment. Studies show CBD interacts with some of the autoreceptors of the nervous system and may help in keeping your pet calm.

Appetite loss

CBD tinctures are used by pet owners for boosting appetite


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