CBD Treatment for Cats

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CBD Treatment for Cats

CBD Treatment for Cats

Over the years, pet owners have been admistering CBD products to their cats. Yes, cats. Cannabidiol interacts with specific autoreceptors in the brain. Research is being conducted to determine whether or not CBD is effective to ease pain, solve panic attacks, and treat a variety of health disorders. CBD for pets has been around for a few years now. Even so, cat owners should consult with a vet first before thinking about CBD, and obviously need to administer the right doses.

CBD Treatment for Cats
CBD Treatment for Cats is much different than it is for human beings.

What does CBD treatment for cats do?

Pain medication

CBD treatment for cats is being studied for it’s ability to relieve inflammation and pain. At times, cats suffer from diseases like pancreatitis or joint and muscle pain. Pet owners are hoping to alleviate these symptoms by administering CBD

Seizures and epilepsy

Although cats rarely experience health conditions like epilepsy and seizures, some cats suffer from these conditions. In such cases, CBD treatment is being looked at closely as an effective form of treatment. CBD may help regulate the brain’s autoreceptors. Researchers are trying to determing whether or not CBD provide a calming and relaxing effect that may lessen the number of epileptic attacks and seizures in cats. 

Supple cat skin

If you are a cat owner, you know that cats often experience unusually dry skin. Several CBD products can help you deal with this issue. In fact, your veterinarian might just happen to suggest a CBD product for your cat’s dry skin. After using the right CBD pet products for several days, hopefully you’ll begin to notice an improvement in your cat’s dry skin and temperment however research is still needed to show how effective CBD is and has not yet be classified as a medical treatment. 

Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Often, cats are likely to experience IBD. This health condition causes severe stomach discomfort and weight loss. CBD is also being researched as a form of treatment for IBD and for boosting a cat’s appetite. 

CBD Treatment for Cats

How should I administer CBD treatment for my cat?

Often, it is hard to get a cat to stay still. So, it can be challenging to give them any form of medication. So, CBD tinctures are a good alternative when it comes to cats. Tinctures have high concentrations of CBD. So, you don’t have to use a lot. Besides, you can always mix them in cat food to make your work easier. Alternatively, pour a drop directly in the cat’s mouth. Administering the dosage directly may not be an easy task. So, good luck with that. Remember, CBD tinctures are not so tasty. You’d instead mix the liquid with their favorite food. When it comes to skin issues, you’d instead buy CBD products in the form of creams and apply directly to the cat’s skin. This shouldn’t be a problem.

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