CBD Treatment for Dogs

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CBD Treatment for Dogs

CBD Treatment For Dogs

The majority of people say that a dog is man’s best friend. Unquestionably, dogs are unique pets. But just like human beings, they tend to develop health complications, especially with age. Many pet owners are looking to treat medical disorders in pets with CBD oil. One of the common ways to do so is by using CBD oil for dogs. CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound gotten from cannabis.

CBD Treatment for Dogs
Many pet owners are exploring CBD Treatment for Dogs for pain or anxiety relief.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD contains very little or no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Thus, it is not psychoactive and does not generate a ‘high’ effect. As a result, CBD treatment for dogs is effective.

In this present age and time, there are many types of CBD products in the market. Even so, not all of them are advantageous or designed for pets. So, before buying any CBD treatment for dogs, consult your veterinarian. Ensure you understand everything involved before trying CBD oil on your pets.

CBD treatment for dogs

Seizures and epilepsy

CBD products are being studied for managing preexisting conditions in dogs like epilepsy. CBD works with the autoreceptors in the brain. Additionally, CBD oil for dogs and cats is being researched for treating seizures and spasms. According to a past survey, dogs suffering from epilepsy who were under CBD treatment experienced fewer seizures over time.

CBD treatment for dogs is also being studied for alleviating severe pain as well as the pain associated with arthritis and cancer. The pain-relieving effect of CBD are being researched and closely studied.

How do I administer CBD treatment for dogs?

Nowadays, there are so many forms of CBD. Manufacturers produce oils, liquids, creams, and edibles. The efficiency of each form of CBD varies. More often than not, CBD oils ingested directly are more effective compared to CBD ointments and gels. Even so, more research is required to prove which is the most effective form of delivery.

Appropriate CBD dosage for dogs

The correct CBD dosage to administer to a dog largely varies depending on the type of CBD product. For instance, if you use CBD tinctures, you have to use small dosages since it is highly concentrated. But on average, we recommend giving your dog at least 2 milligrams per kg of weight. Remember, it also depends on the health condition of your dog and how they react to the CBD oil, so study their behavior.

Generally, it would help if you start giving your dog small doses. As you do this, monitor their progress. If you notice improvement in their behavior, you can increase or step down the dosage with time. Note that all dogs are unique, and they have different needs.

Settling for the right CBD product

At present, there is a wide range of CBD products. Consequently, settling on the right CBD product can be a challenge in itself. Before buying a CBD product, identify the manufacturer and look them up online. Evaluate their credibility and reputability. Luckily, the majority of manufacturers upload their certificates of analysis. This way, you can check the product’s ingredients and whether it’s been tested by an independent lab.

Moreover, never forget to check whether the CBD product for your animal contains the psychoactive compound, THC. Some CBD products contain very little traces of THC. Usually, small percentages are harmless and shouldn’t be a cause of concern. But if you do not want your dog to consume any amount of THC, then buy a CBD product that contains 0% THC. The psychoactive compound in CBD is not safe when consumed in large amounts by dogs, cats or human beings.

CBD Treatment for Dogs
CBD Treatment for Dogs is not a new phenomenon, pet owners have been using it for decades.

After you analyze the product yourself, ask your veterinarian for their opinion. They will give you their feedback and tell you if this is an effective form of treatment. Even if you have to pay an extra cost when consulting your veterinarian, remember that your dog’s safety comes first.

Are there any adverse effects of CBD products on dogs?

Occasionally, CBD products can lead to adverse effects. Of course, it depends on your dog. Like human beings, some dogs are just more sensitive than others. In most instances, you can always identify the adverse reaction after 15 to 20 minutes. If your dog is peaceful and calm after taking CBD, this only means that the dosage has been effective. On the other hand, if your dog starts panting restlessly or vomiting after consuming CBD, there could be a problem and you should stop administering CBD until you can ascertain whether or not that was the cause.

Other side effects of CBD treatment for dogs include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth or extreme thirst
  • Staggering
  • Dribbling urine

If you notice any of these signs after administering CBD treatment for your dog, seek professional help from your veterinarian. Side effects of CBD products can result from either an underdose or overdose of CBD treatment.


CBD treatment for dogs is still being evaluated as an effective form of treating a wide range of health conditions. It is always essential to use the right dosage amount and it would be best to consult your veterinarian for advice before trying any form of alternative treatments or therapies.

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