Our Story

For the Love of ‘Pony’ 

I’ll be honest, Canis Synergy’s story wasn’t started just to have our own business or to make money, it was actually born out of eternal love, profound heartache and an impactful initiative for change. Like every pet lover, it was love at first sight, finding our beloved Stoic “Staffy” Capone. “Pony” provided the unexpected cataclysmic shift in our lives from day one. Before our 15 year run with Pony we were just “people”, and after we got Pony we became an amalgamation, that could only be described as “DOG PEOPLE”. We’d always heard the type but never knew we’d be the type! Throughout the ups and downs, on this rollercoaster of life we found solace, comfort and insight, that without Pony we would have never gained. Fuzzy-Friend, Play-mate, Therapist, Exercise-Buddy, Snuggle-Buddy, Soul-Connection, Pony was all of it, and we’ll be forever grateful for his lifelong impact.

In late 2017 at 13 years young our Stoic Staffy Pony began experiencing urinary issues that we’d soon find to be a cancerous mass in his bladder. Reality set in. “What do we do now?”, “Is there anything we can do?” “What’s life going to be like without him?”. It was all uncertain, especially given the prognosis only gave him 6 months (maybe) to live. With the partial feeling of being helpless but also called to action, my family and I began to do some research, attempting to find an alternative method we could take into our own hands. We soon found a potential healing method through administering “CBD”, the non-psychoactive component from the Hemp Plant. Ultimately, we knew he wouldn’t live forever and we made peace with that.

Astonishingly, our Stoic Staffy Pony ended up living way longer than the Vets expected. By administering the CBD tincture twice daily he lived a whole year and half longer! With a lot of love and hope in our hearts we found a way. It just took us all a moment to do something different with the belief in the power of holistic wellness for our beloved companion.

Canis Synergy is dedicated to everybody and their “Pony’s” that have made their lives a whole lot more beautiful! Our transformative experience with CBD has led us to want to create, innovate, educate and connect with pets and animals of all kinds! Our brand is certifiably and undeniably dedicated to making an impact, by connecting with our community and our communities all across the United States through partnering with Animal Shelters, Pet-Influencers, Non for Profit Causes and much much more!

Our products are sourced and sustained by the most experienced minds in the Hemp World, to create the Highest Quality American Made Products for humanity’s Fuzziest Loveliest Friends!

In loving memory of our sweet Capone