Pet CBD Oil – 1200 mg Tincture for Pets


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-1200MG Tincture
-1oz Bottle
-100% Organic Hemp
-Full Spectrum to include all cannabinoids
-All batches are lab tested for purity & potency
-Made in the USA
-40MG of CBD per dropper
-Less than 0.3% THC
See Suggested Dosage                                                                                                                                                    


Have you been considering purchasing a Pet CBD Oil to treat your dog? Our CBD Tinctures come in a few different dosages. Consequently, Canis Synergy 1200 mg tincture is a CBD oil used for treating larger sized animals. Our CBD Oil for Pets is the ideal therapy for suffering pets. CBD Oil is used by pet owners for animals suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

Why Pet CBD Oil?

First, there are millions of forward thinking animals owners who know the healing potential that CBD Oil has. Over the last ten years CBD therapy has grown tremendously in popularity. Consequently, it’s been used by pet owners to improve an animals mobility, disposition and help increase their appetite. Furthermore, the 1200 mg Tincture is perfect for larger sized dog breeds. If you are considering administeristering CBD tinctures to your dog, please read suggested dosages. Find out if the 1200 MG Tincture is the appropriate dosage for your pet.

Pet CBD Oil for Dogs

If you thinking about giving Pet CBD to your dog, be aware that CBD oils for dogs and cats come in a few different dosages. The 1200 mg CBD Oil is the perfect dosage for larger sized dogs like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Boxers, Great Danes and many other large dog breeds. It’s been used by pet owners to help provide stress relief in larger sized dogs. Consequently, if your animal is larger than 60-120 pounds, you may want to consider increasing the dosage and number of drops you administer to your animal. However, if they weigh less than 60 pounds or you are planning on adminstering CBD to your dog or cat, you might want to consider our 300 mg tincture which is ideal for smaller sized animals or 600 mg tinctures which are ideal for mid-sized dog breeds.

All Natural CBD Remedy for Pets

12 reviews for Pet CBD Oil – 1200 mg Tincture for Pets

  1. Wanda

    Follow you on Instagram. Love what you’re doing. Glad to see the new 1200 mg dose. Have been using the 600 mg for our animals for a few months. Your product is amazing!

  2. Canis Synergy

    Wanda, thanks so much for following us and I saw you tagged us in that post on Instagram. Thank you so much for that. Sent you a coupon code to use on your next order!

  3. Tom Wallace

    Found you on while I was searching for PET CBD. Very happy I stumbled on this product. It’s incredible. Glad to see everything I read was true.

  4. Greg Parrish

    Want to tell you just how great your CBD oil is. I have been administering the 1200 MG tincture to our Bulldog who is a tripod amputee after he got hit by a car. He has numerous ailments after his many surgeries. Your CBD oil is like a magic elixr for this dog, truly I tell you it is doing incredible things for his disposition, his appetite and his sleeping. I am so happy that I’m finally able to help ease my dogs pain and so grateful to have found your product.

  5. Dana Vasquez

    Just started following you on FB and Insta. Want to start off by saying that I had zero faith in CBD to start. We tried your CBD Oil on our double amputee german shepherd and have seen fabulous results. Was skeptical at first but my husband convinced me to give it a try. Very glad I listened and happy to report that our dog is eating again and his mobility is improving day by day. We will continue on this course and I am totally converted on CBD for pets now.

  6. Janice Hartwell

    We have been following you on Instagram for quite a while and just wanted to let you know what big fans we are of your CBD Oil. We treated our dog after his surgery with your CBD. Have recommended your product to many pet owners I know.

  7. Alise

    Thank you so much for answering all my questions the other day. The links you sent over were really helpful and so was the coupon code you gave us. Will be ordering more from you in the future.

  8. Canis Synergy

    Janice, glad to hear your dog is feeling better. Thank you for recommending us and thank you for following us on Instagram. We are active on Facebook too!

  9. Maggie

    Product is great, works as advertised but is pretty expensive treatment that my insurance just does not cover. I don’t know that I can afford this product month in month out for treating my animal.

  10. Canis Synergy

    Maggie, thank you for trying Canis Synergy. I sent you a coupon code that you can use on your next order. We hope this helps. CBD therapy for pets is not something covered by all insurance carriers yet. We hope this changes in the future.

  11. Karl Hansen

    Have had our collie on your CBD tinctures for about 3 months. All I can say is thank you. I have my old buddy back and it’s all thanks to you.

  12. doglover77

    I never usually write reviews but wanted to thank you and tell you what a great product I think you have there. This is my first time ever giving CBD to my dog and I was very fearful about side effects and didnt want to get my animal stoned. I wanted to tell other people thinking about buying your product that this should not be a concern for you at all. We have had our dog Max on the 1200 mg oil after he had a limb amputated. This product is truly remarkable. As a pain reliever it works far better than I could have ever hoped for. Our dog wasn’t eating at all after his surgery and this product changed all that. Truly grateful I found your store.

  13. Dean

    Just wanna let yall know that your CBD Oil works well on horses too. Grateful in Mendocino.

  14. Canis Synergy

    Dean, thank you for trying Canis Synergy. We don’t market our product as an Equine CBD Oil but you are not the first customer that we’ve had purchase this for their horse. We’re glad to hear that you had such a positive experience with our product.

  15. luvdoxies

    This is such a great product. Extremely pleased with the results.

  16. Harold Givens

    2 Thumbs Up! Works incredibly. I have two aging rotties that are both on the 1200 mg right now. Ever since we started them on it it’s night and day.

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