Pet CBD Oil – 600 mg Tincture for Pets


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-600MG Tincture
-1oz Bottle
-100% Organic Hemp
-Full Spectrum to include all cannabinoids
-All batches are lab tested for purity & potency
-Made in the USA
-20MG of CBD per dropper
-Less than 0.3% THC
See Suggested Dosage


Are you searching for a Pet CBD Oil to treat your dog? CBD Tinctures come in an array of different dosages. Consequently, Canis Synergy 600 mg tincture is a CBD oil used for treating mid sized dogs. Our CBD Oil for Pets is the ideal therapy for suffering pets. CBD Oil is used by pet owners for animals suffering from a wide variety of ailments.

Why Pet CBD Oil?

Truly, there are millions of forward thinking pet owners who realize the potential that CBD Oil has in pain management. Over the last decade CBD therapy has increased enormously in popularity. Furthermore pet owners are using it to treat an animals mobility, disposition and increase their appetite. Consequently, the 600 mg Tincture is perfect for medium sized animals like mid-size dogs. If you are considering administeristering CBD tinctures to your dog, please read suggested dosages. Find out if the 600 MG Tincture is the appropriate dosage for your pet.

Pet CBD Oil for Dogs

If you thinking about giving Pet CBD to your dog, be aware that CBD oils for dogs and cats come in a few different dosages. The 600 mg CBD Oil is the perfect dosage for medium sized dogs like Terriers, Collies, Hounds, Beagles, Bulldogs and more. It’s also been used by pet owners to provide stress relief in medium sized dogs. Consequently, if your animal is larger than 30-50 pounds, you may want to consider a higher dosage such our 1200 mg tincture which is ideal for larger sized dogs. However, if they weigh less than 30 pounds or you are planning on adminstering CBD to a cat, you might want to consider our 300 mg tincture which is ideal for smaller sized animals.

All Natural CBD Remedy for Pets

14 reviews for Pet CBD Oil – 600 mg Tincture for Pets

  1. Roberta

    They are very helpful on this site. Had numerous questions about which dosage to buy. I messaged them on Facebook before making a purchase and they gave me a ton of information. I just started using the meds on our chow chow and already notice good results.

  2. Anthony Lara

    We recently began using Canis Synergy on our Beagle this summer. Great post surgery medication for dogs. I’ve tried other CBD pet meds and this is the only one that worked.

  3. Kris Hansen

    Our golden retriever has been using your CBD Oil for a few months now. Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks. Your medication is having an enormous impact on his quality of life. He just surgery due to cancer and has been adapting wonderfully. I believe Canis Synergy is the reason that he’s rebounding so fast.

  4. Oscar F.

    Best CBD Oil for Dogs! We have tried several other brands with mixed results. Some dont work, some make our dog sleep non-stop. This dosage was perfect for our bull dog.

  5. Bill Crenshaw

    I am very impressed with this CBD oil. Our Vet actually recommended we give your pet cbd a try because our dog had zero appetite taking Carpofen.. Glad we did because I had no idea. In comparison to the pain medication, this is a much better alternative.

  6. Danny

    Pretty good CBD product. My order did take longer than promised to get here. Only reason for the 4 star rating.

  7. Canis Synergy

    Danny, thank you for using our product. We’re sorry to hear that your order was delayed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USPS has been taking a bit longer than usual. I sent you a coupon code you can use on your next order. Hope this helps.

  8. Joseph Miller

    Currently using the 600 mg. We just stepped down from the 1200 mg which I felt was too strong for Roxy. We had her on the larger dose when she just came home from surgery and have been weaning her down to the 600 mg. Glad to see you have step-down dosages. Think we will keep her on the 300 mg indefinitely. Certainly seems to help with her anxiety more than anything.

  9. Gina Argento

    Was referred to your online dispensary from Cannapages. Was searching for CBD oil for our pot belly pig. I don’t know if anyone else has actually tried your CBD oil on other pets other than dogs and cats, but I wanted to let you know that it works wonderfully on pigs too.

  10. Canis Synergy

    Gina, thank you for trying our product. I think I remember speaking to you on FB about it. That’s great to hear that it worked out well for your pet pig. I’ve had other customers try it out on their horses, on ferrets, and on goats. This is our first pot belly pig! Thanks for reaching out.

  11. Diana Lyon

    Our friend Luther recommended you. Glad to leave you a good review on this product. I was very skeptical. Now that we have been using it a couple months it has turned me into a believer. Just started trying CBD oil on our dog.

  12. Jasmine

    This CBD oil is absolutely amazing and I cant believe we didnt try this sooner. Has been an absolute god send for our dog. After her surgery she was so miserable she didn’t even want to get up. Since we started treating her with your 600 mg tincture she is eating more, doesn’t whine all the time and is much more mobile. She’s almost back to her old self.

  13. Portia Taylor

    Found your CBD oil on another site I was on. So many great reviews there I thought we’d give it a try. Can certainly see why everyone raves about your tinctures now. Great product!

  14. Casie Wyle

    Your CBD works wonderfully. Have been giving it to my standard poodle Daisy for around 2 months now. What a remarkable transformation in her eating habits and sleep. Can’t say enough about what it means to us to be able to provide her with meds that we know are good for her and have a positive impact on her well being. Thank you so much for the gift you included in our last order! Happy Holidays!

  15. Christie Everton

    Have ordered repeatedly from you in the past. It’s a fantastic product and I have recommended you guys so many times. We received our latest order however it took a long time for it to arrive.

  16. Canis Synergy

    Christie, I recognize your name and have seen quite a few orders from you. I am happy to hear that your order arrived but dismayed that it took longer than promised. Your order was shipped out the same day it was placed but USPS has been a bit delayed this holiday season along with the Covid-19 pandemic. I emailed you a coupon code you can use on your next order. Hope this helps.

  17. Terrye Hoffman (verified owner)

    I brought home a foster dog from the animal shelter that was 13 years old and arthritic, with a slow-growing nasal tumor, and highly stressed and anxious. He was uncomfortable rising, licked his paws and air-licked a lot, and would pace at night. He would sometimes snap if you moved to pet him and he was generally fearful of people. With the shelter vet’s permission (and the recommendation of a local rescue group), I tried CanisSynergy CBD oil. Along with some medication to help with his arthritis, he is more comfortable physically and less anxious around strangers. He is no longer fearful of meeting new people and often seeks them out. He also sleeps more comfortably through the night. He doesn’t act like a pup but his quality of life is definitely improved. Initially, I had questions that Alex answered patiently and completely. This clearly is both a calling and a labor of love for him, and I am very comfortable referring people to try his products.

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