Canis Synergy Pet CBD Oil Gift Pack!


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Our complete collection, at a discounted price!

(1) 300MG Tincture, (1) 600MG Tincture, (1) 1200MG Tincture
-1oz Bottles
-100% Organic Hemp
-Full Spectrum to include all cannabinoids
-All batches are lab tested for purity & potency
-Made in the USA
-Less than 0.3% THC

*Dosage on all three tinctures is different. Please view dosage chart for appropriate dosage.

The Canis Synergy Gift Pack makes the ideal gift for the struggling pet owner in your life. One of the best gifts you can give someone is the companionship and love that their pet brings them. If you know someone in your life that has a sick or debilitated animal, Canis Synergy CBD Oil is the ideal gift to give them. Customers report that after treating their pet with our Pet CBD Oil, that their pet has shown renewed appetite, are less lethargic and less anxious after receiving a dose. Our cbd tinctures comes in a convenient gift pack of multiple dosage sizes and makes a wonderful present. If you have a loved one in your life that is struggling with a sick pet right now, give them the gift of Canis Synergy. This convenient Pet CBD Oil Gift Pack includes our 3 more popular dosages in the 300 mg tincture, the 600 mg, and the 1200 mg tincture which is ideal for larger sized dog breeds. It makes the ideal present for anyone who is thinking about administering CBD oil to their animal. Give them the gift of Pet CBD Oil.

1 review for Canis Synergy Pet CBD Oil Gift Pack!

  1. Derek

    Just purchased this as a gift for my mother. Read all the great reviews and waited to hear back from her til I posted my review. Her dog has been suffering for a long time and just had surgery on his back in November. I thought this would make a nice early Christmas gift for her. She got her shipment right away and said that since she started him up on CBD Oil that he’s been doing much better.

  2. Canis Synergy

    Glad to hear that Derek. Thanks for letting us know and for shopping at Canis Synergy.

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