Which CBD Dosage Is Right For My Animal?

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Which CBD Dosage Is Right For My Animal?

Pet CBD medication is being studied presently for it’s abilities on managing a wide range of health conditions. Nowadays, CBD drugs are popularly known by pet owners with animals suffering from cancer and post-surgery symptoms. Nonetheless, most pet owners struggle to identify the right CBD dosage to administer to their pets. Health conditions vary; CBD oils vary, and the right CBD dosage for your animal relies on the above factors. But typically, you should not exceed a certain amount of CBD dosage for your pet.

Which CBD Dosage Is Right For My Animal?

The right CBD dosage for your animal: a mathematical formula

At times, you may notice zero symptoms when you give your pet an overdose or underdose of CBD medication. So, it is essential to master the right CBD dosage for your animal. This way, you boost their overall health. More often than not, the right CBD dosage for my animal depends on the product and the pet’s weight. Typically, smaller pets should not consume a lot of CBD medication, while bigger pets may require slightly more CBD medication quantities. The best thing would be to start by giving the pet minimal amounts of CBD drugs. Then, be keen to notice how the drug reacts with their body. If there are no side effects, keep increasing day by day. Luckily, animal experts have come up with a formula to help you calculate the correct CBD dosage for your animal.

Normally, every pound of the animal’s weight should consume 0.2 milligrams of CBD. So, to know the correct CBD dosage, find out the weight of the animal. Let’s say that you have a dog who is 25 pounds. Calculating the right CBD dosage for them is shown below.

If 0.2 mg = 1 pound, what about 25 pounds?

25 multiplied by 0.2 = 5 mg.

5mg would be the required CBD dosage for the dog.

0.2 mg CBD per pound | 0.2 mg x 25 lbs = 5mg

When should I expect to see the anticipated outcomes?

As a pet owner, it is important to monitor how the CBD medication is working. But when should you expect to see positive changes after you administer CBD medication. Well, this depends on the type of CBD medication, among other factors. However, if you want a quick remedy to relieve your pet’s symptoms, sublingual CBD oil is the best. This CBD oil is often placed under the pet’s tongue. And you can expect to see results after 45 -60 minutes. On the other hand, some CBD medication can take days before you notice any effects.

Is it possible for my pet to overdose on CBD?

Although rare, CBD pet overdose is possible. Pet owners can make silly mistakes once in a while. Fortunately, the side effects of CBD pet overdose are not usually deadly. However, if the CBD drugs react with other medications inside the pet’s body, they can cause severe health problems.

Occasionally, pets can experience dizziness, anxiety and low blood pressure when they take an overdose of CBD. Most side effects often start slowing down after four to eight hours. Therefore, it is important to know the right amounts of CBD dosage to give to your pets. If your pet is under another type of medication, consult your veterinarian on the best type of CBD drugs to purchase. Also, avoid giving your pet frequent CBD dosages in a span of 12 hours.

Benefits of CBD medication for pets

Researchers are conducting studies on using CBD oil to treat severe inflammation. Consequently, vets may recommend CBD oil for pets after surgeries and after chemotherapy. It’s almost important to note, CBD drugs are being studied to determine whether they are effective at calming your pet calm down and enabling a good night’s sleep even after surgery.

Which CBD Dosage Is Right For My Animal?


Since CBD is natural and readily available, it is not expensive. Thus, it may be cheaper compared to many pharmaceutical medications. In particular, if your pet has cancer, CBD medications might help you manage some of those pain symptoms without having to break the bank.

Safer option

Studies are being conducted to determine if CBD drugs are a safe option. Remember, CBD drugs are plant-based supplements. Thus, they contain minimal chemical compounds. Researchers are trying to determine if they are effective as pain killers and reducing anxiety levels in humans and pets. Unlike most chemical medications, they have minimal side effects when taken in excess.

Natural supplements

Today, it is infrequent to find a drug that is 100% natural. Health experts are blending different chemical compounds to come up with a solution to various health issues. Unfortunately, chemical compounds can be harmful to a pet’s health. So, CBD is truly a gem when used properly as it is a natural product produced from hemp.

The right CBD dosage for your animal depends on various factors. Some include the weight of the pet, type of medication and the health condition. It would be best to consult your veterinarian on the best CBD dosage to administer to your pets in order to be safe.

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